Where do you donate sweetcorn?

We donate sweetcorn to organizations that provide and distribute food to those in need. The act of driving the corn off the farm, and leaving it with an organization that will distribute it to hungry people can be a humbling, special experience. We welcome volunteers to join us in the moving and donating of the sweetcorn!

You’ll notice we donate to organizations near our farm in Western Iowa, as well as larger distributors and pantries with broader reach in Central Iowa.

  • We donate in Western Iowa because we recognize people who live near food production can’t always afford fresh local produce.
  • We donate in Central Iowa because we recognize larger, full-time pantries are able to quickly and efficiently distribute perishable produce to many in need.

You are welcome to help us deliver to our identified partners. However, if you have an organization you personally would like to deliver sweetcorn to, please reach out to us.

Below we list organizations we’ve donated to in the past:

  • Atlantic Community Schools free summer lunch program
  • Adair Boys & Girls Club
  • Anita Food Pantry
  • Audubon County Family Development Center – New Opportunities
  • Audubon Caring and Sharing
  • Atlantic Food Pantry
  • Atlantic Saints Peter and Paul and St. Mary’s Catholic Church
  • Atlantic St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
  • Cass County Relief Office
  • Central Iowa Shelter and Services
  • Children and Family Urban Movement
  • Food Bank of Iowa
  • Iowa Homeless Youth Centers

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