Successful community volunteer day brings local Sweetcorn to Atlantic Students

On July 21st about 25 volunteers from the Atlantic community joined together to pick and process sweetcorn from our patch so that Atlantic students will be able to eat local sweetcorn throughout the school year. The volunteer participation was amazing. Nearly 4000 ears of corn were picked, shucked, cleaned and processed. We want to thank all of the volunteers as well as Atlantic Community School District Food Service Director DeeAnn Schreiner and Farm to School Coordinator Sue Riggs for their vision and leadership. What an awesome event for Farm to School!

A special thanks to Coke A Cola, the Atlantic Community Schools, KSOM, KJAN, Atlantic Newspaper, and Riggs’ Ag Services for their support and donations. Thank you to Steve Andersen who volunteered to drive the bus of volunteers to the farm from Atlantic.

Enjoy these photos of the day!

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