Full Bellies, Full Hearts Holiday Gifting!

Celebrate this season of giving by sharing the gift of fresh sweet corn with your loved ones and those who are hungry in our communities.

How does this work? Our fresh sweet corn will be available late July/August summer 2020. When you gift sweet corn now, you’ll receive a printable letter to share with your gift recipient explaining they’ve been gifted sweet corn (and an equal amount of sweet corn is being donated). In mid-July we will reach out to the gift recipient and provide pick-up location options and various dates. The gift recipient will choose a date, and take home fresh sweet corn.

With every dozen purchased, we donate another dozen to those in need. We deliver sweet corn to locations in Des Moines and Western Iowa in late July and early August.

You will be sent a confirmation email with your bill within five business days.

Upon payment, you will receive your printable gift letter.

Please allow ten business days for mug delivery.

The mug below comes as a thank-you gift for a “Super Sweet Donation.” It features artwork by Corn for a Cause Co-Founder Erin Lain.